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Q: Why should we buy from you? What makes your product different or better?
A: The short answer is: Love, Passion, Dedication, Care and most of all - EXPERIENCE. (Read Our Story - a journey to Top Leathers) The long answer is: It's our mission to create products that people literally fall in love with. We differentiate from others in those first 4 values and then our long experience in Bali allows us to produce good Hand Made quality goods because we oversee all aspects of our production. Then comes another BIG one; Our superior Leather quality. You see, we hand pick our own leathers for production and we only buy from the best tanneries in Indonesia. LAST but not least, our ARTISANS; Shoe & Bag Makers, Beaders, Artists are the best that Indonesia has to offer, many coming from generations of expert craftsmen. This gives us a huge advantage on quality of products. (this is mainly because of the length of time in Bali, good network & respect from the top leather 'talent'. )
Q: What is the Whispurrr... membership all about?
A: Miow WhisPurrr...Club. Shhhh > it's an elite club which each Miow customer becomes a member of. It is a totally unique kind of loyalty program with a twist. You see we wanted to reward our customers for showing off their cherished Miow products. So the more you "Show-Off" your Miow products on social media as you travel, the more points you get which in turn can give you more free products. There are also other ways to add up and gain points too. Sooner or later you will want to redeem your points for FREE products.
Q: What is the range of leather products you produce?
A: Here is the list to date which may increase with time: Leather & Suede Shoes - Wedges, Heels, Platforms, Flats, Sandals & Boots. (see complete range >>here) Leather Bags - Handbags, Shoulder bags, Clutch bags, Bucket bag, Sling bag, Cross Body bag; Ladies Wallet, Folio bags, Tablet bags, Phone cases, Pouches, Coin Purses. Other leather goods - Scarves; Wood Pencil cases; Eyeglass case, Key chains, Tassels.
Q: How do your prices compare with other leather goods suppliers?
A: Our prices are very favorable compared with other high end fashion leather goods. WHY?... ...because we have our retail outlet away just outside the center of town giving us lower overheads. Our prices are the real envy of the high street brands with their expensive real estate rent. But then again they get many more walk-in customers than we do. So we decided to create our own walk-in customers by opening an online store.. and passing on these great prices to you.

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