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Miow's Story

25 years ago in the early 90s a street smart Singaporean young lady arrived on the shores of Bali. 

With a keen eye for creative talent she saw opportunities, while others just saw a sleepy quiet fishing
village with surf.
She started to network and talk to local artists. From those first few interactions on the island she
recognised the creativity, passion, confidence and pride amongst local artisans.

She then created her ideas and fashion designs inspired from her travels through France, Italy
and Portugal and now, with new twists of Indonesia influence. Thus bringing forth treasure:
Beautiful hand carved, hand beaded, hand woven, handmade leather creations. 
The journey was not easy, filled with the challenges of language, cultural differences and work ethics. It was one step forward and two steps back...
But she was motivated. Why?  Because, she knew even if the barrier of entry was high and even if it was this
hard to reach the pool of talent and circumvent all the obstacles and hurdles of doing
business in Bali, only a few would ever make it trough... And this would be her key to success. 
Also, the beauty of the work that emerged kept her motivated and excited:
Beautiful unique hand carved, hand beaded, hand woven, handmade leather creations. 
So, she pushed on, never compromising with her work ethics and high quality standards and her attention to detail.
Through the years she built up strong bonded relationships with her craftsmen
and slowly started earning respect and recognition as a hardworking, motivated and
passionated business woman. 
Now, decades later many are still standing by her and together they formed one of the
strongest teams on the island of Bali. 
She also gained the respect of the top echelon of the leather talent in Bali which led to many of these wanting
to work with her. This confirmed and solidified her place at the top with the BEST quality
leather workmanship talent - creating the highest quality one-at-a-time handmade leather shoes and bags for women in Bali today. The good news is that the top leather worker talents here in Bali get first pick of leathers. It's Miow's workers, Miow's creative artisans and Miow's reps that get that first pick. This gives Miow an edge - a big one - on both quality and cost over any other leather producers in Bali.
You can now maybe imagine that Miow's tag line is NOT just marketing jumbo, it is based
on real life blood sweat and tears + LOVE and PASSION over three decades of dedication and perseverance that
only a handful of foreigners have experienced.