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HAIR ON HIDE Bag, Tan Leather Tote Bag. Cowhide Leather Tote, Western Purse. Patty Bag


HAIR ON HIDE Bag, Brown Leather Tote Cowhide Bag. Cowhide Leather Tote, Cowhide Purse, Western Purses and Bags, Shopper Bag Leather, Boho Bag.
BROWN AND WHITE Cowhide Bag. Calf Hair Bag, Pony Hair bag, Brown Leather Bag, Crossbody Bags for Women, Sling Bag, Furry Bag. Patty Bag.

The Patty bag is a gorgeous furry piece that will be loved with each use.
Front, back and bottom in hide hair, completely covered! Super chic elegance.

Leather short arm strap & long adjustable/ detachable strap.
Wear it cross body or over arm.
Will carry all your small buys through the day too.
Lining cotton drill with inside zip pocket.

Multi Tasking work, kids and planning dinner, this furry chic bag
is for those of us that need to find our essentials quickly.
Wide opening with a magnetic clasp.

Size : Inches 16.5" x 11" x 6" ~ Length 42cm X Height 28cm X Bottom 15.5cm
Cotton Drill Lining.

100% Hide Hair/ Leather
Adjustable/ detachable shoulder strap
We hand pick the best leather hides from the best tanneries in Indonesia
Miow logo emboss on inside bag
Matching cotton drill lining ( faux suede lining available upon request )
Dust bag for storage and protection
Handmade on the Beautiful Island of the Gods, Bali
Displayed as Brown Speckled White

Black White Cow Hide hair :https://www.etsy.com/listing/499452923/
White Goat Hide Hair :https://www.etsy.com/listing/499452693/
Dark Tan Cow Hide Hair : https://www.etsy.com/listing/500970277/
Cream Cow Hide hair : https://www.etsy.com/listing/586514283/
Black White Speackled Black White : https://www.etsy.com/listing/633272241/
Tan White Cow Hide Hair : https://www.etsy.com/listing/604909039/

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Leather & Care

Your MIOW Shoes & Bags is made from 100% leather that will last if cared for in the correct manner.

We recommend that you take the following tips to get the most of your Miow Shoes & Bags:

  • Please avoid using your item in heavy rain.
  • If the leather does get wet, wipe off any water and allow it to dry in room temperature.
  • You may stuff white wrapping paper into the bag or shoe to keep it’s shape while drying.
  • Following this we suggest you apply a protection cream to help repel water and nourish the leather, however please keep in mind to test the cream on a hidden section of your bag or shoe first.
  • Leather is durable but not indestructible.
  • Exposure to extreme cold or heat and improper care or cleaning can crack and dry leather and affect the color and finish.
  • With prolong exposure to direct sunlight, the color of your leather bag or sandals may fade.
  • With care, your bag will age beautifully over time, this is normal as it is a natural product. You may try using Vaseline over minor scuffs and abrasions on your bag.
  • Please be aware that strong colored dyes in the leather may transfer across to light colored clothing and the reverse holds true - we cannot accept responsibility when this happens.
  • Metallic Care - Due to the process at tanneries and the delicate nature of the metallic finish some surface finishing may rub off with time and abrasion.
  • With exposure to salt and snow, a quick wipe down with a soft cloth whenever it occurs, and keeping the leather healthy with conditioners as needed.
  • Thorough cleaning of your bag and shoes may be done every month or so. It’s good to do a light conditioning and buff down during this time too.

simple action will preserve your leather bags and shoes for years to come and enjoy.

Leather & Cleaning

  • Remove dirt and dust by wiping and buffing with a soft cloth.
  • Apply a small dollop of leather cleaner to the dry soft cloth first.
  • Always test the cream on a hidden section of your bag or shoe first, wait for it to dry to ascertain the color stays true.
  • Leather is permeable and many creams may change the color of the leather slightly, if you are comfortable with that, you may continue.
  • Buff the surface in a gentle circular motion, allowing for small to bigger circles and the leather to absorb the cleaner / cream.

Leather & Condition

  • Think of conditioning as a moisturizer for your leather, which is a natural product and will dry out without care.
  • To prevent crinkles and wrinkling, dab a dollop of conditioner on a soft cloth and rub gently all over.
  • Try leather creams and oils available in the market, which will supplement the natural oils of leather. Leave on for 15 minutes, then wipe off the excess with a dry cloth.
  • Natural dry in an airy room.
  • Condition every 1 to 3 months to keep your leather soft and supple.

Suede & Cleaning

Using a soft suede brush, make sure your bag or shoes are dry.

Suede has a beautiful soft grain that is best cleaned with a soft brush, which you can also purchase as a suede cleaning kit.

Suede is very sensitive to water; so basic dirt and scuffmarks are best dealt with when the shoes are dry.

Brush gently to remove dirt and dust.

Use the suede cleaning brush to lightly brush away dust or dirt that has accumulated on your shoes and bag.

Do not go back and forth: try brushing repeatedly towards the same direction pushing the dirt off.

Once you get off this layer of grime, your shoes will already look much better with a brushed look along it’s grain.

When the suede is scuffed, the suede's grain can get pressed down in one direction. By brushing scuffed areas gently back and forth you may lift it’s grain.

This is best done with a soft suede brush.

  • For scuffs that are just too matted down to respond to the brush, try scraping the area with a knife or emery board to lift the nap.
  • Scuffs that wont brush out can often be removed by rubbing with a pencil eraser or a piece of crinkled rubber that many shoe soles are made from.
  • Start with gentle pressure and increase pressure as required on tougher marks and scuffs.

Suede & Protect

Protecting your suede.

Once they are clean or when you first have them, spray a coat of suede protector on your suede bag and shoes.

This will give a protective layer and help prevent stains and scuff marks.

Leather/ Suede & Storage

  • Store your MIOW Shoes & Bags in its original Miow dust bag and fill it with stuffing—use white wrapping paper, never newspaper, which will smear— to maintain its shape.
  • Keep in the dust-bag along with several packets of silica gel so your leather / suede purchase does not get damp. Keep in your room or a place that has air circulation to prevent the growth of mold.
  • Every 3 to 6 months; clean / and conditioned as recommended above for your leather or suede item, air dry before re storing.
  • This will keep your leather item in good condition for years into decades to be cherished and even handed down.

LASTLY, Enjoy your MIOW product, with use and care it will be a cherished part of your wardrobe.

Style you own,